May the Force Be With You – Yogis & Jedis Alike

As I anticipated the release of all of the Star Wars films on Disney+ for May the Fourth, I found myself continuously thinking about what the Star Wars universe taught me over the years. Geekdom or fandom in general is about connection with others. Whether you are cosplaying or posting theories on never-ending reddit threads,Continue reading “May the Force Be With You – Yogis & Jedis Alike”

Book Review: Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses

As yoga instructor still discovering my voice and growing my teaching skills, I found this book incredibly useful. My professional background is thirteen years in the world of education teaching both high school and college-level English and Philosophy courses. As an educator, you are often assigned curriculum and essential skills you must instruct. Much timeContinue reading “Book Review: Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses”

Savasana & Skeletons: My Yoga Practice Always Suffers in October

My practice is an escape. From long to-do lists. From sights and sounds of city life. It’s a time when I can connect with my body. As a former dancer, I used my body to tell stories, to connect with others. One of my favorite parts of class was stretching for ten minutes at theContinue reading “Savasana & Skeletons: My Yoga Practice Always Suffers in October”

Greta Van Fleet: The Resurrection of Rock & Roll at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that Greta Van Fleet has some serious talent. They’ve been called rip-offs of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, even Iron Maiden, but Greta Van Fleet’s classic rock roots are no secret. In interviews, the band consistently mentions revisiting their parents’ pressed vinyls and vehemently studying theContinue reading “Greta Van Fleet: The Resurrection of Rock & Roll at Red Rocks Amphitheatre”

Review of 2017 Write Every Damn Day Book Bingo Challenge

In 2017, I decided to challenge myself and others to a Book Bingo (#2017weddbookbingo)! The card below needed to be blacked out by the end of the year. Although I read more books than the categories listed on the bingo card, this challenge gave me an opportunity to explore different genres and read a few booksContinue reading “Review of 2017 Write Every Damn Day Book Bingo Challenge”