To Bourbon…And Beyond!

Buzz after a few concerts and too much bourbon…

I want BiblioYoga to be a space where I can share all of my passions and adventures; not just yoga and writing advice, but my mystical journey through this weird world as well. For me, the most otherworldly experiences always occur amidst aesthetic endeavors, especially ones that involve travel and/or live music.


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When I was in high school, I attended a Student Council convention on September 11, 2001. Before the towers were struck, the speaker talked about the importance of setting goals and making lists—your typical advice to teens with “leadership” potential. What struck me was an anecdote he shared about comedian, Drew Carey. At the time, my dream was to become a stand-up comedian, so any advice from a successful comedian caught my attention—especially at a leadership conference (comedians get a bad rap).

In the anecdote, the speaker explained that at age 18, Drew Carey made a list of 30 things he wanted to accomplish before he turned 30. I was awestruck when he proceeded to name things on his list that he successfully accomplished—have a sitcom, host a game show, and even CLIMB MOUNT EVEREST! (I can find no evidence of this on the internet, so maybe the speaker was full of shit, but hey…it worked for me!)

I don’t know if he actually climbed Mount Everest, but he made it on top of this chair…

That night, I went home and began to make my own little eighteen-year-old Kandace list. I didn’t have 30 things on the turquoise gel pen ink-stained paper to accomplish right away. The list is something I added to in my journal throughout college, but for a teenager, I had a good start. Sidenote: At some point, I’ll write another post on making this list and my new Before 40 list. When I turned 30, I opened my old journal and went over the various drafts of my list. Of the final draft of my list…the one that stuck…I accomplished 27/30 goals. I hadn’t moved out of state, which I just did a few months ago, NOR did I make it to Australia (I think Jake the kangaroo rat in Rescuers Down Under is to blame for my obsession with visiting the land of Aussies).

C’mon,… I know he’s a cartoon kangaroo mouse, but can you blame Bianca?

The final goal on my list that I failed to accomplish before 30 was to travel out-of-state for a music festival. The 2000s were a time when music lovers went to music festivals. Festivals were for the fans! It was pre-social media. People weren’t attending just to get fucked up and take pictures to post on Snap and Insta. People attended festivals because they LOVED music. My dream was go to Coachella or Bonnaroo (two festivals whose musical variety has seriously changed since then and that I honestly don’t have the stamina for these days). I was fortunate to live in Austin & Houston, Texas, where I went to tons of stellar festivals – SXSW, Austin City Limits and festivals past like Free Press Summer Fest, Railroad Revival Tour, In Bloom Music Festival, and Float Fest (pour one out for the homies). But, my goal was to explore a new place and connect with music lovers like me.

So this year, I said, you know what…I’m 34… where’s a place I haven’t been with musicians I want to see? And, I found a lineup and a city worth exploring! This week, I crossed my music festival fantasy off my list with Bourbon & Beyond 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky!

Three glorious days of musicians that I love and respect with very few misbehaving teens and I-don’t-know-my-limit-yet-twenty-somethings. I work at a High School and occasionally teach college courses, so any reprieve from eighteen to twenty-five year old irresponsibility is lovely!

When I travel, I tend to stay in AirBNBs. I like supporting and connecting with locals and helping them grow their independently owned businesses. This adorable abode is by far one of the best places I’ve stayed out of the many homes I’ve booked over the years!

The Cutest Spot In Louisville!

If you’re ever in Louisville, I highly recommend booking Modern Style & Vintage Charm in Germantown. I mean, the hosts even give you pink bathrobes that say “FreshAF”!

So, my FreshAF self had a blast at the festival. I had originally considered reviewing each set, but quickly realized that in order for that to occur, this blog post would be incredibly long! Instead, I’d like the highlight the idea that we, as human beings, need adventures! Adventures in new places. Adventures with new people. Adventures where we encounter new art. New food. New cultures. Adventures are what make us human. Our ability to recount, describe, create, and share those stories are imperative not only to our own personal histories, but to the history of our culture.

BiblioYoga will be a place where I help people reflect on all of these ideas through both the practice of mindfulness and yoga, but also through the use of pen and paper or keyboard and screen. I hope (someday) to also be able to provide retreats (mini adventures, hooray!) for yogis and writers. Until then, I’ll continue to find new places, new people, and new stories to tell on my own.

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