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Why BiblioYoga?

BiblioYoga LLC is a soulful, sacred movement and creative alchemy practice dedicated to activating your imagination and awakening your muse.

The name BiblioYoga was born out of the intention to fuse writing, reading, ritual, and yoga practices together to grow spiritually & creatively.

Through collective shared experience, BiblioYoga grew into so much more than its four original ritual practices – yoga, writing, reading, and manifesting – but each are still central to the guidance shared with fellow biblioyogis.

Creative Alchemy Guidance

In alchemy, the triangle represents the three realms of our existence that we encounter in our human existence – body, mind, & spirit.

Often as creators, we struggle to transform our ideas into reality or can’t seem to find the time to generate ideas and give rise to our art.

A spiritual creativity alchemist assists creatives in maximizing their creative potential by developing ritual practices and guiding them through the process of dharma embodiment.

Read. Write. Move. Manifest.

BiblioYoga workshops help communities tap into their mind, body, and spirit by finding flow and harnessing creativity.

About Kandace

Namaste! I’m the Founder + Creator of BiblioYoga, a yoga & creative writing workshop practice based in Colorado Springs. Dancer, Yogi, Creative Writer, Comedian and certified Spiritual Life Coach and embodied Creativity Alchemist waiting to transform your reality and manifest your dharma.

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Life is a careful balance of holding on and letting go.