Classes & Workshops

Weekly at Honor Yoga – Highlands Ranch

Gentle Yoga | Saturdays | 10:30 AM – This class takes a gentle approach to the practice of yoga focusing on slower movements, breath work, stretching, and relaxation. Perfect for anyone who wants a slower, more meditative or less heated type practice. Class is spent in a variety of positions, such as laying on the back or stomach, and seated postures, but students should be able to transition on/off the floor for gentle kneeling or standing poses. This class is suitable for those looking for a less weight-baring experience or those with limitations in mobility or recovering from injuries.

Meditation | Sundays | 10:15 AM – Meditation cultivates a deep awareness of your body, your mind, and your deepest self. As you develop the practice of meditation, this connection and awareness will help you move through your life with presence and compassion. At Honor Yoga, we offer live led classes, as well as meditation classes on-demand for a deeply personal class experience. Through a specific meditative focus, such as Mindfulness, Mantra, Balance, Heart, Imagery, or Sound, our meditations are all taught with the intention of uncovering your natural state of peace and harmony.

Roots Yoga | Tuesdays | 5:30 PM – This class is focused on the fundamentals of the practice; creating a strong foundation for the practice of yoga. Postures are taught from the ground up with precise alignment cues and include the use of props to support the practice. Roots classes simplify the language and practice to empower students and help them become confident practitioners of any class.

Future Workshops

Due to COVID-19, workshops are currently delayed. I am in the process of building an exciting lineup of Writing & Yoga workshops with community partners. Check back for more information soon!

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