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Weekly at Honor Yoga – Highlands Ranch

Gentle Yoga | Saturdays | 10:45 AM – This class takes a gentle approach to the practice of yoga focusing on slower movements, breath work, stretching, and relaxation. Perfect for anyone who wants a slower, more meditative or less heated type practice. Class is spent in a variety of positions, such as laying on the back or stomach, and seated postures, but students should be able to transition on/off the floor for gentle kneeling or standing poses. This class is suitable for those looking for a less weight-baring experience or those with limitations in mobility or recovering from injuries.

Goat Yoga | Various Dates (sign up links below): RMGY events always begin with an introduction and opening disclosures delivered by the yoga instructor. The events proceed with a 45 minute goat yoga lesson and end with a 15 minute decompression for our guests & goats.

The guests can pet the goats, hold the goats and just spend time loving the gift of these cute and innocent animals. This is also a great time for guests to capture their moments on camera. The guests want their friends to see there interaction on social media. This a great time to capture the moment

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Weekly – Teaching Flow classes through EVOLVE at various locations throughout the Denver area.

Home - STEM Center for Strength

Weekly – Teaching Gentle Yoga for faculty and families at the STEM Center for Strength.

Future Workshops

Due to COVID-19, workshops are currently delayed. I am in the process of building an exciting lineup of Writing & Yoga workshops with community partners. Check back for more information soon!

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