Classes & Workshops

Serasana is a wellness studio located in Littleton, Colorado. Serasana is the fusion of ancient wellness practices, specializing in rejuvenation through stress and pain management. We accomplish this in a professional, compassionate and purposeful way by blending acupuncture, yoga, massage, healing teas and remedies.

Wednesdays – Slow Flow @ 5:30 PM

Thursdays – Yin @ 5:30 PM

Fridays – Gentle @ 5:30 PM

Goat Yoga (currently on hold due to winter weather)

RMGY events always begin with an introduction and opening disclosures delivered by the yoga instructor. The events proceed with a 45 minute goat yoga lesson and end with a 15 minute decompression for our guests & goats.

The guests can pet the goats, hold the goats and just spend time loving the gift of these cute and innocent animals. This is also a great time for guests to capture their moments on camera. The guests want their friends to see there interaction on social media. This a great time to capture the moment

Evolve United On-Site Fitness & Wellness Plans with Free Scheduling App

Weekly – Teaching Flow classes through EVOLVE at various locations throughout the Denver area.

Future Workshops

Due to COVID-19, workshops are currently delayed. I am in the process of building an exciting lineup of Writing & Yoga workshops with community partners. Check back for more information soon or contact me at for more information.

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